Nature’s Calendar

Sanjida O’Connell

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natures_calendarNature’s Calendar

BBC Wildlife presenters Chris Packham, Mile Dilger, Sanjida O’Connell and Janet Sumner reveal where you can find the very best wildlife. This practical guide will take you to locations across the British Isles to explore an extraordinary diversity of habitats and species, covering the best wildlife locations, the best times to visit and the wildlife you are likely to see there.

“The text bubbles with enthusiasm for the delights offered by each venue, and provides realistic assessments of the likelihood of encountering rarer species…Short of physically taking readers to these places, it’s hard to see what more could be done to get potential wildlife watchers off the couch and into the countryside.” Phil Gates, BBC Wildlife Magazine

Hardcover 256pp
ISBN 978-0-00-724646-5, 2007 Harper Collins, £17.99