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Blog tour!


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been on a bit of a blog tour! A number of bloggers, some are authors themselves, have kindly hosting me on their sites. Here’s a round up of where I went and what we chatted about.


‘Make no mistake – fairy stories are dark tales of misogyny, social climbing, child abuse and infanticide. If narrative is part of our soul, fairy stories are cautionary tales about human nature.’ 

Talking about fairy tales in thrillers and the theme of Little Red Riding Hood in Bone by Bone with Women Writers.

‘We live in a multi-racial society, yet I don’t see this kind of diversity reflected in the literature I read.’

Discussing the lack of ethnic diversity in thrillers with Asian Writers.

Followed by a Q&A

It’s hard to imagine Wuthering Heights without the Yorkshire moors…’

IMG_3026My thoughts on sense of place in novels, and particularly, how Bristol influenced the writing of Bone by Bone.

‘I had a dream. Unlike Martin Luther King, it was not a glorious dream of freedom. It was small and dark.’

On Isabel Costello’s Literary Sofa, discussing changing genre.

‘I started playing Sandi Thom’s I wish I was a punk rocker. Autumn, a slightly other-worldly child, is certainly not a punk rocker – in exactly the same way that Thom sings about punk with the nostalgia of one who never experienced its raw anarchy; aching for a world that never was, whilst wearing flowers in her hair.’

The Undercover Soundtrack with Roz Morris –  the music that shaped Bone by Bone.

‘The story is already there, buzzing about, waiting to be set free…’

Where stories come from? With We Heart WritingDSCN6873

‘Once in a while to escape from the monastic stillness of my office and fling myself into the real world, and partly because there’s never enough cake in the house.’

Describing where I work to Novelicious

‘When I was five years old I wanted to be a zoologist and a novelist…’

Q&A with Greenacre Writers

Thanks to Steph Broadribb, aka Crimethrillergirl, who hosted a Q&A with me; Shaz’s Book Blog who launched the Bone by Bone book trailer, and Michelle Ryles, The Book Magnet, who hosted a video Q&A with me, all of which you can see on the Bone by Bone page.

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