Sugar: The Grass that Changed the World

Sanjida O’Connell

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sugarSugar: The Grass that Changed the World

“This is not simply one of those quirky popular science/history books that takes a commonplace domestic item and builds up a dossier of extraordinary but ultimately useless facts about it. The story of sugar is indeed an extraordinary one, but it is a story of life and death. It is inextricably bound up over the centuries with the development of civilisations, the global spread of slavery, the conduct of brutal wars, the distribution of economic power around the world and the lamentable state of the modern western diet.”

Sanjida O’Connell does for sugar what Dava Sobel did for Longitude: make gripping drama out of dry school lessons.
The Guardian

Sanjida O’Connell unforlds the complex story of the quest to satisfy our sweet tooth in this absorbing and illuminating history of sugar.
New Scientist

Goodreads review

5* ‘A fascinating history of how sugar influenced and changed the world economy, politics and society. If you wish to understand issues such as slavery and colonialism, this is an important place to start. Covering from its first domestication through to the modern day, it will open your eyes.’ Nick Harriss

Hardcover 256 pages
ISBN: 1852270349 Virgin Books, 25th November 2004

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