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Sugar Island is available to pre-order

I’m delighted to announce that one of my novels is going to be republished! ‘Sugar island’ by Sanjida O’Connell is based on a true story and is set at the turn of the American Civil War, in the deep south.

It’s about a terrible secret a young woman’s husband has kept from her, her struggle for freedom and independence, and her fight to protect and emancipate her husband’s slaves. I love the new cover, designed by Wide Sky Studio. ‘Sugar Island’ was originally published by John Murray and will be available as an e-book from 19 July here.

The paperback will be out soon too! Here’s what it’s about:

Emily Harris, a glamorous young English actress, arrives in America in 1859. There she meets and falls in love with a charming southern gentleman, Charles Earl Brook. But shortly after they are married, Emily discovers that Charles has kept a terrible secret from her. The Brooks are slave-owners and Emily is forced to travel to the deep south where Charles keeps seven hundred men, women and children in abject poverty.‘I have worked every day through dew and damp, and sand and heat, and done good work; but oh, missis, me old and broken now, no tongue can tell how much I suffer.’As civil war breaks out, Emily’s world becomes increasingly dangerous and she realises that her growing friendship with the slaves could cost her everything she has ever loved.

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