Love, Forgiveness and a Feathered Woman

category_star80LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND A FEATHERED WOMAN – The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness

3 starsA beautiful, white crane falls, keening, to earth, with an arrow piercing its wing. A man wrestles the arrow from the bird in the freezing cold and the crane flies free. It’s a powerful, dream-like moment, but it takes place in suburban London to a bloke called George Duncan whose ex-wife describes him as 65% man.

The following day, George, who runs a print shop, meets an other-worldly woman41fKoxnBpsL called Kumiko, who brings in a stunning collage she’s made from feathers. George, who has been idly cutting a picture out of the pages of a second-hand book, discovers that his creation completes Kumiko’s. It is the start of a gentle relationship and a marriage of two art forms: feathers and words, which Kumiko turns into pictures that both become worth a small fortune in the art world, and which tell a story, perhaps her story.

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