Blog tour!


category_diary80Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been on a bit of a blog tour! A number of bloggers, some are authors themselves, have kindly hosting me on their sites. Here’s a round up of where I went and what we chatted about.




‘Make no mistake – fairy stories are dark tales of misogyny, social climbing, child abuse and infanticide. If narrative is part of our soul, fairy stories are cautionary tales about human nature.’ 

Talking about fairy tales in thrillers and the theme of Little Red Riding Hood in Bone by Bone with Women Writers.


‘We live in a multi-racial society, yet I don’t see this kind of diversity reflected in the literature I read.’

Discussing the lack of ethnic diversity in thrillers with Asian Writers.

Followed by a Q&A


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Science in Fiction

category_icons03It’s not done well. In fact, it’s done infrequently and frequently badly. Science in fiction. I’m not talking about non-fiction books dealing with science or science fiction, which has to have, at least, a modicum of science as a given, but science in your common or garden novel.

Science has a lot to offer: we are talking subjects as diverse as environmental destruction,
quantum physics, particle physics, nanotechnology, neurosurgery, psychopathy and molecular gastronomy – all at your disposal as a writer. We are talking of characters who
Gravity-2013-full-leaked-movie-1could be Brian Cox, Robert Winston, Craig Venter or Bill Gates. Maybe even, dare I say it, a female scientist. So you could have scientists as characters, science as a theme, science as the subject of the novel – and this is at a time when science in movies is big business (Another Earth, After Earth, Gravity, Contagion).

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