The Stolen Child




I’ve just finished the edits and copy edits for my second thriller, The Stolen Child!


   They stole my child from me.

And now I want her back…


For those unaware of the various lengthy processes a  novel goes through, after I’ve handed the manuscript in, my editor highlights areas that could be improved and I have another go at reworking those sections to her satisfaction. I finished that bit the day before going on  holiday – phew!


The Stolen Child - copy edits


The manuscript then goes off to a copy editor. This editor is basically in charge of getting grammar and spelling correct and making sure the book is in the publishing ‘house’ style. So, for instance, Corvus Books prefers recognize and organize, but the British spellings for curb and tyre.

In my case, most of the edits were ‘deleted invisible characters'(!) and a removal of all my hyphens, replacing them with en-dashes. A mystery to me! I don’t think I possess an en-dash on my computer.

Who knew cheese on toast has no hyphens and cafe no longer has an accent?! But then, in the novel there’s a line of dialogue that goes: ‘Her spelling is appalling.’ My copy editor is probably thinking, ‘Yup, and add grammar to that.’






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