The Urban Jungle

category_diary80THE URBAN JUNGLE – Last week I finished the programme I’m presenting in the series, The Urban Jungle. It’s 11 half hours, each one produced and filmed in a different British region, on wildlife Martin's Pondin our cities. The series is due to be broadcast in August on BBC2.

We were filming the introduction and links to the documentary in Martin’s Pond, Nottingham: a perfect example of a wildlife haven in the city centre. In between takes I spotted a pair of coots with their nearly adult chicks, a moorhen building a nest, some damselflies and a group of long tailed tits Watching moorhensperforming acrobatics in the willows overhanging the pond.

The Nottingham programme will feature city peregrines – we filmed the chicks being ringed on a rainy day in June – photographer, Mark O’Shea, and three locals spotting and photographing urban wildlife, such as wild orchids and bullhead fish (their photos are fantastic!); plus presenter, Mike Dilger, on the look out for nocturnal wildlife, like foxes and badgers.

Top of tower blockIt’s all part of a broader BBC remit – Summer of Wildlife. Have a look for what flora and fauna you might spot in your area and what’s happening near you.

Thanks to Emily Anderson for taking the photos.


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