How I write

The Royal Literary Fund has recorded a mini -podcast with me on how I write – with a black coffee, and some dark chocolate and then I begin!

‘Writing a novel feels like being an ultra-marathon runner, it’s going to be a gruelling slog to reach 90,000 words and I will be unable to pause, to breathe properly, to take in the view until then.’

You can listen here:

Sanjida O’Connell


What do you think? Let me know how you write.


Blurred lines: Separating fact from fiction


category_diary80I’m delighted to be featured in Writer’s Aloud, the Royal Literary Funds podcast. This week I’m talking about the distinction between imagined and real worlds in novels.

Writer’s blur the lines between fact and fiction – we can’t help it – our work comes from us, our heads and our hearts; in the end, everything is, in some shape or form drawn from our own experience.


Have a listen and let me know what you think!


James McConnachie & Sanjida O’Connell