One Year Later – Bethany

I recently saw a set of three mugs in one of my favourite shops. They read:

I’m the oldest child – I make the rules.

I’m the middle child – I’m the reason we have rules.

I’m the youngest child – the rules don’t apply to me.

I had great fun creating Bethany’s character. She’s the middle child in the Flowers family in my psychological thriller, One Year Later. She’s a TV presenter – which was also my former career (this is a picture of me at the start of my TV career as a wildlife presenter for the BBC).

One of the producers I worked with was talking about another presenter and said, ‘He’d stab his grandmother to get ahead.’ I had to put that quote in my novel!

Bethany is feisty, fiery, independent, driven and ambitious. She’s also a victim of  TV culture where women have to look young and sexy no matter what show they’re presenting, whereas men are allowed to be on our screens at any age, looking, frankly, a bit dishevelled. Bethany is also a victim of the casual sexual discrimination and abuse against women that still exists in this industry.

He said, “Bethany, your problem is you’re smart without being intelligent,  good looking without being pretty, and approachable in a girl-next-door-way, but no one in their right fucking mind would want to be your neighbour.”

Bethany talking to Nick about her TV producer in One Year Later.

Crimefest 2015

category_icons03CRIMEFEST 2015 The most powerful thing a writer can do is to get a character to lie to herself.

Julia Crouch

IMG_1876This year I attended Crimefest, a literary event for crime fiction and thriller readers and writers. Here’s a brief snippet of what went on…

The Other

As a mixed-race writer, I’m acutely aware of skin colour. There’s always someone in my novels who isn’t white – Levi in my new thriller, Bone by Bone, is the key mixed-race character. I describe everyone by their skin colour and ethnicity.

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