Sanjida Kay

Author of One Year Later

Some secrets won’t stay buried …

Since Amy’s daughter, Ruby-May, died in a terrible accident, her family have been beset by grief. One year later the family decide to go on holiday to mend their wounds. An idyllic island in Italy seems the perfect place for them to heal and repair their relationships with one another.

But no sooner have they arrived, than they discover nothing on this remote island is quite as it seems. And with the anniversary of the little girl’s death looming, it becomes clear that at least one person in the family is hiding a shocking secret. As things start to go rapidly wrong, Amy begins to question whether everyone will make it home …

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Bone by Bone The Stolen Child My Mother’s Secret One Year Later

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You can help stop bullying by buying a copy of Bone by Bone; I make a donation for every copy sold to anti-bullying charity, Kidscape


One Year Later on Bristol TV

One Year Later on Bristol TV

    Bristol TV has just put out a short film about my latest psychological thriller, One Year Later! At its heart, it's a novel about family secrets and grief.      read more →
One Year Later – Book Club Questions

One Year Later – Book Club Questions

    Is anyone in a Book Club? I must admit, I don't really have time, although I'd love to be! I have a Book Buddy instead, which is much more random and sporadic, but she inspires me to read books I'd never have chosen myself, and then we go for a walk or a drink when we can fit it in round kids and work and chat about the book, as well as everything else! If you'd like to discuss One Year Later in your Book Club, here are some questions to get you started.   One Year Later…read more →

One Year Later – Nick Flowers

Here's an extract from One Year Later, told from Nick Flowers' perspective, the day his niece, Ruby-May, died.   If you prefer to read it, you can download a different extract told from Nick's point of view here: One Year Later - Nick Flowers   https://youtu.be/B9dk99onT-Iread more →

One Year Later – The Prologue

Here's the prologue to One Year Later. Let me know what you think!   If you prefer to read it, you can download it for free here: One Year Later - Prologue   https://youtu.be/F6qf4QRVfcgread more →