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Longlisted for the prestigious Crime Writer’s Association Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award 2016

Sunday Express– one of  ‘The best reads in 2016’

Bone by Bone is a ‘breakout debut’ and ‘a title you won’t want to miss’  Jake Kerridge in the Sunday Express

Told in alternate chapters from both mother and daughter’s viewpoint, this novel about the insidious nature of bullying escalates into a tale of violence, fear and suspense. Daily Mail

BONE BY BONE was born out of Kay’s musings about what would happen if a mother fought back against her child’s bullies. Jessica Driscoll  THE BIG THRILL


‘I’m interested in the intensity of the relationship women have with their mothers and their daughters; the idea that you are always a daughter, and once you have a child, you will never stop being a mother…’

In conversation with thriller writer, Holly Seddon, author of Try not to BreatheOff the Shelf Books

‘I’d probably call NASA…’ In conversation with Liz Loves Books

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Q&A in Bristol Life

Q&A with Jackie Law at Never Imitate

You have set the book close to where you live, painting the nature reserve in particular as oozing menace. Do you feel safe in your neighbourhood?

Find out what frightens Sanjida…


‘Screamingly realistic…A debut novel which I can honesty say put me through the emotional wringer. Highly recommended.’

Grab this Book

‘Haunting…topical…scary…Excellent.’ Steph’s Book Blog

‘Gripping? Hell yes….A fantastic debut.’

Write Note Reviews

‘One of the most compelling books I’ve read in a long time…chillingly realistic…Sanjida Kay brings Bone by Bone to a satisfying conclusion, which she does with sensitivity and a great deal of compassion.’

The Book Review Cafe

‘Sanjida Kay’s Bone By Bone is one of the most powerfully written and compelling books that I’ve read in a long time. Billed as a psychological thriller, it certainly does thrill, it has a deep psychological pull, but it also delves deeply into the insidious and damaging world of the bully and the bullied…complex, chilling, a page-turner.’

Anne Cater on Random Things Through my Letter Box

The story as it unfolds is totally gripping and the sheer terror is palpable at every turn of the page…a tense twisting psychological thriller that creeps under your skin and stays there. Bone by Bone must be read with the lights switched on and ignore that knock on the door.  

John Fisher on The Last Word-Book Review

5 stars

 ‘a gripping psychological-thriller storyline packed full of emotion and those moments where you think to yourself, ‘What would I do in this situation’. If I’m honest, I have no idea- and it made for really interesting, riveting reading,’ says Laura in her blog, Snazzy Books.

5 stars

‘a great thriller and a true page turner’ Aggie’s Books

Rosie Canning writes:

‘There is an underlying sense of unease throughout the novel…the narrative builds and builds to an unexpected climax…A disturbing psychological thriller, here is a writer who knows how to upset a readers equilibrium.’

Review by Books, Life and Everything:

‘A dark thriller…The climax of the story stretches the tension to breaking point. In all, I found this debut novel eminently readable, a real page turner in fact.’

Blabbering about Books says:

‘There was SO much tension in this book. From the very beginning there was a sense of unease weaving through the pages and as the plot progressed it intensified to the point where I was frightened..I couldn’t keep reading it in the dark.’

4 stars

On Never Imitate:

‘a skillfully written exploration of the insidious damage caused by bullying…The denouement is tense and terrifying…A tightly written thriller that gets to the heart of issues too many must face. An accomplished debut and a haunting read.’

5 stars

On Steph’s Book Blog:

‘It is a long time since I read a full book in one day but this novel was impossible to put down.’

Book blogger, Over 40 and a mum to one, writes:

‘I was literally holding my breath towards the end of the book. Bone by Bone, builds and builds and the ending doesn’t disappoint.

I loved reading this book, can you tell?  It’s very clever, there are aspects of it that really could happen to any of us.’

4 stars from Tracy Shepherd:

‘I found this a disturbing read, and could quite easily put myself in Laura’s shoes. Just how she reacts is a testament for her love for her daughter.’

Bibliophile Book Club says she couldn’t put Bone by Bone down. 4 stars

‘Bone By Bone is a stunning book. It is so tense and it just hooks you completely from the first page…Sanjida Kay has written a brilliant book. Wrought with tension from the beginning, the reader is pulled in from the first chapter and they are not let go until the very last page!’

Book blogger, The Book Magnet, gives Bone by Bone 5 stars

‘I was so impressed with this book; I don’t think I have ever experienced such a broad spectrum of emotions in one book…an emotional rollercoaster and an outstanding debut.’

Book blogger, Liz Barnsley, from Liz Loves Books says, Bone by Bone is ‘excellent – emotional, hard hitting and scary. ‘You will be glued to the pages. Highly recommended.’

4 stars


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‘I think if you want to write, you need to carve out the space to do it,’ she says. ‘It’s also about being a professional about it: showing up for yourself and saying ‘I’m going to set aside this much time to write’ rather than thinking you’ll wait until an idea strikes. I think it gets easier as you do it more because you’ve practiced, but it never gets easy or stops being a challenge.’