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category_diary80One of the wonderful things about being a writer, is that once your book is out there in the real world, other people can read it, argue about it and come up with their own interpretations. And one of the wonderful things about being a reader, is connecting with like-minded people and being able to chat about books, preferably over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

So in honour of readers and reading groups, my publisher, Corvus Books, have come up with some Book Club

IMG_3221questions about Bone by Bone. Do let me know if you discuss Bone by Bone with your Book Club, and what you think!

If you were in circumstances similar to Laura how would you have reacted?

Did the revelations about Levi later in the novel change your opinion of Laura?

What are some of the themes raised in this book?

How important is the notion of being a ‘good person’ in this book? What makes a ‘good person’?

Laura herself wants to fit in amongst the other mothers at the school. What are your opinions about children inheriting anxiety from their parents?

Do you think Laura was bullied too?

Do you think that events would have transpired differently between Laura, Autumn and Levi if the gender roles were reversed?

What emotion did Bone by Bone most prominently invoke in you?

Autumn’s parents, Laura and Matt, have separated. Do you think this has any bearing on her victimisation, or her difficulty to connect socially?

Do you think the way Levi’s character develops following the initial event with Laura justifies his behaviour?

‘How far would you go to protect your child?’ Bone by Bone uses this question to explore the definitions of right and wrong. Can unconditional love be immoral?

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